Drone My Business Review

Drone My Business offers valuable drone video and photography services to property professionals and developers.

All property professionals these days are keen to find the most effective ways to showcase their properties. The property market is a hugely competitive one these days, so everyone from property developers to estate and letting agents are keen to market their properties as effectively as possible. The good news is there are various modern solutions that make it much easier to achieve this goal, and this includes aerial drone services. 

Drone My Business is a specialist provider that offers this service, and this makes it easier for property professionals to showcase their properties with greater ease. 

Agents and developers can benefit from providing a new perspective on properties, and this can generate far more interest from buyers and renters. It can also result in more instructions for agents because of this additional service. 

What They Offer

Agents and developers that use the services of Drone My Business can look forward to a variety of valuable benefits. Some of the features and benefits that the provider offers include:

  • Services available across the UK
  • Ariel surveys
  • Aerial inspections
  • Superb quality video and photographs
  • A choice of plans and prices
  • Detailed gallery

The information provided on the website means that agents and other property professionals can find out everything they need to know in order to make an informed decision. There are various other services that are available from the provider including aerial marine photography and agricultural surveys among other things. 

How It Works

In order to make use of the drone services available from Drone My Business, users simply have to decide which services and plans are of interest to them. After making contact with the provider, the rest is dealt with efficiently and quickly. 

There is plenty of information on the site to enable property professionals to learn more about the services, and the gallery can also help agents to make the right decisions.

There is a basic package that may be well suited to the needs of many agents, and this is competitively priced. There is also a range of options for commercial services, so website visitors can simply take a look at what is on offer and whether it suits their specific needs as well as their budget. 

The provider offers high-quality 4K filing for excellent results as well as HD photography.

How Do They Use PropTech?

The service that Drone My Business offers is based heavily on the use of PropTech and associate technology, so this is something that is pivotal to the products and services that they offer. With the use of this technology, the provider can create videos and photos of excellent quality for property professionals. 

Drone My Business Reviews

At present, Drone My Business has a 5-star review on Google Reviews, but this is from a single user. However, those considering using the service can go onto their Facebook page to take a look at what others have to say.

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